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Services at BaroMedical Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic

BaroMedical is a health and wellness centre specialized in hyperbaric oxygen therapy and wound care. We provide first-class hyperbaric services in oxygen filled chambers for fast, safe and economical health care.

Our preventive therapy programs are aimed at balancing the body’s increased need for oxygen during physical stress and illnesses.

Our state-of-the-art technology for assessment of full body microcirculation is used for early detection of cardiovascular and pulmonary problems.  Early intervention with oxygen therapy can resolve health conditions or prevent negative long-term consequences. 


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BaroMedical Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic - four monoplace chambers

 Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

In healthy people oxygen reduces the effect of aging, and helps the body detoxify.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) promotes recovery from injuries by reducing swelling, inflammation, pain and by oxygenating damaged tissue.  It reduces the need for pain medications and helps clear the body of medication byproducts.

In addition, new evidence suggests that hyperbaric oxygen therapy stimulates an increase in the production and release of stem cells.

 Oxygen massage

Massage is widely used to alleviate pain and facilitate recovery from muscle injury.  Inhalation of 100% medical grade oxygen during massage therapy further decreases edema and attenuates the inflammatory response to the muscle injury.  Coupled with increased oxygen delivery to the injured muscle, the overall effect is decreased muscle soreness and enhanced muscle repair.

 Wound care

Advanced wound care at BaroMedical offers a selection of the most advanced and effective wound dressings to accelerate healing and minimize pain (and need for pain medication). 

Wound care is very efficient when used in combination with hyperbaric oxygen therapy and/or electrical stimulation.  The stages of wound healing progress more quickly in an enriched oxygen environment.

Acute wounds in a healthy person, such as those due to trauma or surgery, follow stages of inflammation, proliferation, and maturation.  Hyperbaric oxygen has distinct beneficial effects in each stage promoting healing.  Initially, inflammation, swelling and pain are reduced via vasoconstriction, while an elevated level of oxygen directly helps to initiate healing while reducing scarring.

Oxygen stimulates the release of growth factors and the proliferation of neutrophils and fibroblasts.   These cells are involved in wound healing and collagen synthesis, a major component of connective tissue.

Oxygen stimulates the budding and growth of new blood vessels - a process known as angiogenesis, which further improves delivery of oxygen and nutrients, and tissue granulation.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used both as a preventive and interventional therapy for wounds and infections in people with poor circulation or systemic disease (diabetes, multiple sclerosis, lupus).  HBOT is especially helpful in cases where a wound has become chronic; these non-healing wounds are a not-uncommon complication of diabetes mellitus.


 Microcirculation assessment

Microcirculation refers to the capillary network; the smallest of the blood vessels at the end of arterial and venous systems, where the all important nutrient exchange happens.  

Assessment of the microcirculation is non-invasive, non painful and is very important in evaluating the progress and success of the hyperbaric oxygen therapy and other treatment options.

 Electrical stimulation

Electrical stimulation involves the delivery of electrical currents to the skin via electrodes, which will activate muscle contractions or nerve conduction.  

Small contractions improve muscle blood flow, relieving spasm, pain and improving range of motion. 

When combined with hyperbaric oxygen improved blood flow becomes supersaturated with oxygen yielding higher effect and faster recovery than either therapy on its own.  In people who have lost muscular control (i.e. stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury), nerve stimulation can elicit functional movement.  The mechanism is not clearly known, but the combination of nerve electrical stimulation, physiotherapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves movement control, reducing synergism, spasm, and fatigue, while allowing for selectivity, repeatability and strength. 

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