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We heard it from you!

Over the years, BaroMedical has received hundreds of "Thank You" notes and testimonial writeups from our clients.  Thank you all!

We appreciate this feedback very much as it allows us to change what might not be optimal and ultimately provide you with a better service.

As we would like to share this feedback you will find individual page on our site with specific testimonials attached in the left column. Some are click-able to present a more in-depth material.  

Our guest book is open for anyone to express their opinion and provide us feedback on how we are doing.  All entries are uncensored with exception of a few spelling mistakes.

Thank you!

Testimonials by medical category 

Sports and Wellness Health

Maria's testimonial:

"Thank You Very Much!!! I'll book more appointments before my next bikini bodybuilding competition."

Maria Bewcyk, - Vancouver
Physical Therapist, Exercise Scientist
 Elite Personal Trainer,  WBFF Athlete

Lyme disease recovery

"I was extremely impressed with BaroMedical on every level. The people who work there are incredibly professional, knowledgeable, kind, supportive and wonderful to be around. The treatments themselves have been the most beneficial out of any other type of medicine I have done and I would recommend them to anyone."

Kelly H. - Vancouver, BC

Stroke recovery

Amazing story on stroke recovery. This brought us all to tears, - Happy tears :-)

Surgical recovery and hearing loss

“This treatment has helped me feel like myself again. It has help my body focus on healing an incision that wasn't healing properly and has given me so much more energy. I am very grateful that I have had the opportunity to receive this treatment and will keep it in mind for the future.

An additional bonus to this treatment has been my hearing. I had slight damage to my right ear from call taking for 10 years. This treatment fixed that issue and improved my hearing :-) "

Lara B. - Vancouver, BC

Wound care and breast cancer recovery

“I will always be grateful to BaroMedical for taking me on as a client.

I had an ulcerating breast tumour with severe MRSA infection and had almost bled to death on numerous occasions. Thanks to the hyperbaric treatments my breast tumour is shrinking, the bleeding has stopped and the infection is all but gone.

Not many clinics would have agreed to help me in the severe condition that I was in.

My sincerest thanks to everyone at BaroMedical for their help."

Nancy P. - Tofino, BC

Spinal cord injury

“A picture tells a thousand words. Thanks”

A.R. - Parksville, BC


“My mother suffered after a bad fall and was in a great deal of pain. Following (10 HBO) treatment her condition has improved significantly. She has more energy, is in almost no pain and is able to resume with her usual schedule.”

A.M. - Vancouver, BC


“I enjoyed the service of the staff and also the way they treat you. I will, and have been speaking to all my friends and family about my treatments. After only one treatment I felt better and after 5 I felt great. After that I will return for refresher therapy. I am 83 and have no problems.”

H.F. - New Westminster, BC

Stroke recovery

“I am very happy to be able to work and speak again”

W.T. - Burnaby, BC

Healthy living with hyperbaric oxygen

”I used oxygen therapy to heal my broken arm and be able to return to my normal life. At age 84, the hyperbaric chamber gave me strength and confidence to push the limits I couldn’t 20 years ago. It kind of kick- started my body.”

Graydon B., New Westminster, BC
Triple gold winner of BC Seniors Games 2014

Preventive care – diabetes

“Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has proven to be the very best non
intrusive therapy with the most positive end results. I have tried
many natural remedies to help with the negative long term effects that
my very brittle diabetes has caused.

I would definitely recommend this therapy to everyone that needs some help. Thank you so very much.”

JL.C. - Surrey, BC

Preventive care

“Facility, staff and the equipment speaks volumes of its professionalism.”

F.J. - Vancouver, BC

Preventive care

“I feel 100% better and I am telling everybody about my experience.”

B.H. - Vancouver, BC

Preventive care

“Even though I have only been a few times I had started to see the improvements and the staff was very well trained and kind.”

I.D. - Cloverdale, BC

Injury recovery

“Thanks for helping my knee, BaroMedical – I got a speedy recovery !”

S.C. - Maple Ridge, BC
Professional Motorsports Athlete 

Injury recovery

“Thank you so much ”

J.K. - Pitt Meadow, BC
Professional Performer

Preventive care – Diabetes

“The staff was excellent and made me feel very comfortable. They were always checking on me while in the chamber which was very comforting.

I took 20 treatments and have seen a big difference. My sugar levels are very good now, I have much more energy, sleep better at night, and the pain from the neuropathy in my feet is improved – I can walk with less pain.

You cannot put a price on your health and these treatments were worth every penny spent.

Thank you to the staff – they were great. The place was always clean.

A wonderful experience.”

G.P. - Burnaby, BC

Injury recovery

“Great work. Thanks for getting me back on my feet and back to stunts so quickly”

G.C., Boundary Bay, BC
Stunt Professional

Heart surgery / Diabetes

“This treatment has given me the boost I needed to help recover from quadruple bi-pass surgery. I have also had relief from diabetic neuropathy in my feet. The overall experience has been very pleasant. I would encourage MSP to cover this valuable service. On the whole I do feel much better.”

J.F. - Burnaby

Preventive care – diabetes

“I noticed my legs improving after a few treatments and also circulation. After two weeks it is completely better.”

E.L. - Vancouver, BC

Poor circulation

“The people at BaroMedical are very professional and knowledgeable. Their technology works. I started walking again after their treatment and debilitating pain in my legs disappeared. A+ ”

O.A. - Vancouver, BC

“I would highly recommend BaroMedical to anyone for treatment. A first class Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic with a first class treatment. Thanks for the care.”

R.T. - Calgary, AB

Preventive care

“Staff is very professional, encouraging and friendly. I felt very comfortable and reassured. I have had 10 sessions and would like to come back for more. I saw an improvement in my blood pressure, and this will hopefully help with my energy level.

Thank you for all your help and information.”

L.D. - Calgary, AB

Preventive care

"After hearing about and doing some research about hyperbaric treatment program I believed it would be a great benefit to my overall health and well being. Having issues with digestive problems etc. I have felt that the four treatments that I have taken have been very beneficial to me and the professional care and guidance are excellent."

Diana McC., Alberta

Wound care: Arterial ulcer

“I had an open, painful, smelly leg ulcer for two years and had a wound care nurse visit twice a week. She suggested oxygen therapy which helped tremendously in pain, infection and wound healing. I do not need home visits and my quality of life has greatly improved.”

C.W.J. - West Vancouver, BC

Injury recovery

"In summer 2009 I have visited Dr. Sanja in her Baromedical Clinique regarding my sprain leg muscle.

I work in construction and I hit my thumb at my work so hard that I thought there was nothing left from it. That afternoon I had my appointment with Dr. Sanja for the leg issue. I went through three more visit  scheduled for the leg, but my thumb hasn’t gone through the color scheme, hasn’t bruise, and it wasn’t so painful as I expected.

At the end of the treatment (total of 5) my leg was almost recovered and my thumb was treated “free of charge” as a bonus.

Knowledgeable stuff help with the tips and advises to complete the recovery."

Z.S. - North Vancouver, BC

Ski injury recovery

"In February 2012 I had a ski accident and my left knees ligaments were twisted, sprained and almost torn. The doctors at the emergency suggested to put a cast, which would keep me off work for over 4 weeks. I called BaroMedical Clinic and book 5 appointments in 5 days. After the second appointment I was walking without any pain or discomfort.  At same day my colleague had the same type injury and waited 6 months for the surgery - however it is never the same for him.
For me, I was lucky to know Sanja and Klaus at BaroMedical and to get in for the treatment on time.
Thank you!"

G.S. - North Vancouver, BC

Surgical recovery

"I had an excellent experience overall. 7 sessions definitely helped me heal faster than I ever
imagined possible. I will be back to my normal routine soon! Thank you so much. I will always refer others to this therapy."

”… It took me three weeks to recover with oxygen after my left hip surgery compared to three months when my right hip was operated…”

B.L. - Coquitlam, BC

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Joseph K,
World traveler

"I am amazed with my improvements after a mini stroke - it feels like a miracle. After 8 oxygen treatments I started playing my saxophone again. I feel rejuvenated and I am sharing my great experience with all my friends."

Maria B.
Physical Therapist. Exercise Scientist. Elite Personal Trainer. WBFF Athlete. *Clinician *Researcher *Trainer *Athlete, Vancouver

"Thank You Very Much!!! I'll book more appointments before my next bikini bodybuilding competition. 💖💖💖💕💕💕🌟🌟🌟"

Pain, Insomnia

Mary D, Burnaby, BC

Video testimonial:

Lyme disease

Kelly H, Vancouver, BC

"... The treatments themselves have been the most beneficial out of any other type of medicine I have done and I would recommend them to anyone."


Richard H, Vancouver, BC

"Great facility, super staff. Powerful therapy for optimal wellness. Looking forward to future series of sessions for continued recovery and health optimization. So much more healing than I expected."

Stroke recovery

Margaret L, Maple Ridge, BC


DiabetesPeripheral vascular disease, Cardio vascular disease

Joan N, Coquitlam BC

"... Since my 'baric-boost' I'm feeling great! It's very re-assuring to know I can go back for one or more sessions! Many Thanks to All!"

Severe ulcerative breast cancer

Nancy P, Tofino BC

"I will always be grateful to BaroMedical for taking me on as a client."

Surgical Recovery
Lara B  Vancouver

“This treatment has helped me feel like myself again."

W R -  Vancouver

“I had ringing in my ears for over a decade and was driving me insane. After about three weeks of oxygen therapy it is almost gone. I found several places with chambers but BaroMedical was by far most competent.” 


Ryan C, - Vancouver

"I’ve already surpassed everyone’s expectations of what my limits are supposed to be, and I look forward to keep proving them wrong!!" 


Robert K. - Vancouver

"I was comfortable in my crystal clear cocoon and found myself wishing I could stay there longer when my ears started to pop as the pod was decompressing."


Joy D. - White Rock

"I truly hope others will find the breakthrough that I have found ..." 


Doug S. - Coquitlam

“Just a few months ago I had a stroke and was in a hospital. I couldn’t talk and use my right arm and was in a wheelchair, not improving much.  My doctor suggested oxygen therapy.

After 35 sessions I am back to work now playing my instrument professionally.

Could not be more grateful! And I am telling everyone.”

Willie M, - Vancouver


John C - Pitt Meadows

"Oxygen helped me tremendously in recovery from my stroke..."

Patrick M, - New Westminster

"Came in broken, few sessions later I was almost fixed ! From Wheelchair back on a snowboard in 6 months. Miracle! Thank you so much!"

Graydon B - New Westminister, BC

”I used oxygen therapy to heal my broken arm and be able to return to my normal life. At age 84, the hyperbaric chamber gave me strength and confidence to push the limits I couldn’t 20 years ago. It kind of kick started my body.”

Triple gold winner of BC Seniors Games 2014

Willard O - North Vancouver

"... fell better than before my stroke."


Sherry H., - Trail BC

"... He [Dr. DG] was impressed with the results of the hyperbaric therapy."


Brad L, - Coquitlam BC

"… It took me three weeks to recover with oxygen after my left hip surgery compared to three months when my right hip was operated…"

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