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Admission Procedures

Admission procedure at BaroMedical is an easy three-step process

A careful evaluation is needed prior to commencement of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. You will be screened for any health problems and history of those, as well as present medications. There are some conditions and medications that are contradicting hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

1. “Initial consultation”                           approx 30-45 min

You will provide us with medical information to determine:

  • if you would benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy and 
  • to identify any possible contraindication to the oxygen therapy.

Your medical history includes information on past surgeries, chronic conditions and present prescribed medication.

A therapy schedule will be customized to your needs. You will be given a tour of our facility and receive a “Guide to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy” that contains all pertinent information on the therapy.

If significant contraindications are found we will advise you not to enter a hyperbaric therapy program. 

(optional)  2. “Microcirculation assessment”           approx 90-120 min

For people who suffer from:

  • peripheral vascular problems,
  • pain, cramps and numbness, or
  • diabetes

a diagnostic exam of the status of the circulation may be advised before entering any oxygen therapy program. Microcirculation assessment provides information on the extent of tissue damage, if any, as well as determines whether the present microcirculation is capable of delivering extra oxygen.

The results from the assessment may show that the fine capillaries are functioning adequately and as such do not warrant the application of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (other symptoms may, though).

On the other hand, if deficiencies are found the quantification of these will serve as baseline to evaluate therapy progress at later re-assessments.

 3. “Hyperbaric oxygen therapy”          either 60 or 90 min oxygen exposure.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is recommended if the initial consultation and/or the microcirculation assessment have found that you would have potential benefit from additional oxygen.

A therapy schedule will be outlined, typically entailing daily sessions for one or two weeks at a time. The total number of session depends on the condition being treated and its severity. The end point of the therapy is determined through re-assessing the microcirculation or other objective parameters.

In general, the clinical field of Hyperbaric Medicine recommends a minimum of 10 hyperbaric sessions of 90 min to reach improvement in any chronic condition. Acute conditions can typically be resolved in fewer sessions. For significant mobilization of stem cells a set of 20 sessions of 90 minutes are recommended.

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